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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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patients showed up with their documentation but they were apparently barred from flying because they had no clearance from the yemeni government they're suffering from a number of conditions including leukemia early stage tumors cervical cancer fibroid cancer and those needing bone marrow transplants and kidney transplants. i was younger i fell and that caused internal bleeding and today it turned into a tumour i need to travel to egypt or to any other country for treatment i'm told by my doctors they need a surgery i'm quite tired of all this i need to travel and be treated so i can survive in the world and some of them. have considered that child around so many countries seeking treatment ranking back last time i was into trouble again in three months but with outbreak of the war i was forced to go back to yemen now we cannot travel at all because all the airports are being blocked now officials from the saudi
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a morality led coalition have been stressing that those who think leadership has no legal right to sign a document with the un because it is not a legal entity as such and the who think leadership is saying that this is another major setback and as a soon to come bin. laden this is all because of the saudi led coalition i hope the silent world stands with the oppressed people of yemen overseas treatment is a right for all patients this is their human right could this incident possibly scupper the attempts by griffis to get some dialogue going it isn't clear but as the fighting carries on in her data it is a situation that gets more tense by the day he's under pressure more now than ever he intends to speak to the saudi leadership next but we're not clear exactly what his actions will be. in other world news china has imposed new tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods is in retaliation to the trump administration early hitting beijing with
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duties on twenty billion dollars of products scott hide every for some beaching. within hours of the u.s. announcing a second round of tariffs on chinese goods beijing responded. the chinese commerce ministry saying it had no choice but to retaliate and it hopes the u.s. changes its behavior one official saying the move is poisoning trade talks didn't mean phoned up regarding america's new round of tariffs china has no choice but to retaliate it was expected that the ongoing trade war could heat up this new round of tariffs from washington confirmed that it will be a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america a lot of money coming in a lot of money in the form of tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports the u.s. government will begin collecting a ten percent tariff on those goods starting on september the twenty fourth through the end of the year then on january first the tariffs will jump to twenty five
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percent and if china at any time retaliates the white house says an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of chinese imports practically the remainder of all chinese products sold in the u.s. will also fall under the tariffs the increased tensions will likely scuttle the renewal of trade talks between beijing and washington. while about five thousand chinese products including household goods vacuum cleaners to bikes will be targeted many u.s. businesses are expected to suffer as well just before the pterosaur announced in washington the chinese commerce secretary said that u.s. protectionism will only impact the two nations involved in this trade war but it could hurt the global economy as well and some analysts here feel that u.s. companies might face a chinese consumer backlash if the chinese people believe that they're being maligned all right they will boycott and that's that's not something you know you're going to you're already starting to see some anti american sentiments and want to buy that it's american right i mean this is the one thing donald trump
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thinks that the only people who are nationalistic are. and as the world's two largest economies refuse to concede any ground in this trade war the impact will be felt around the world got harder al-jazeera beijing. back to more ahead on this news hour including holding out hope the search is underway for the missing in the wake of time for a man caught in the philippines a former argentinean leader is charged with corruption we take a look at the political future of christina cash and one of europe's top amateur female golfers has been met it on the course you know here with the details in scripts. north korean leader kim jong un says he wants to produce a big outcome during three days of talks with south korea's president when j. in it's the first time a south korean leader has traveled to pyongyang in more than
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a decade kim treated monday into a special concert after spending the day discussing north korea's nuclear program as rob mcbride reports from seoul moon's visit was a carefully choreographed africa. if talks over north korea's nuclear stockpile were in trouble you wouldn't know it from the smiles and hugs. the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and moon jay end of south korea and the warmest so far. a full on a god and equal providence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of a review unified korean peninsula. the last meeting between these two men led to the historic summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearize ation if talks with the u.s. are to raise you and they want perhaps disclosure of inventory facilities and this
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is a kind of thing that morning be nice to get kim going to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guest house they seem to accept the strength of the welcome is evidence of a growing desire for change. even the people. in the apartment behind us they welcomed us with such passion i was genuinely touched. when i think we should not forget the people's hopes and expectations but have to work at a faster pace and make bigger achievements. the first into korean summit between these leaders visit the panmunjom true spillage on the border between the two davids in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea and the liaison office
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to keep officials from the north and south connected. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempt at reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time key moments from this summit are being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver. sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me mice is the amount of things they will have to surrender to placate dormant prop this has been an impressive display of friendship after so
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much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just a show and how much is of consequence of macbride al-jazeera soul. rescue teams in the northern philippines are digging through mounds of mud still hoping to find survivors from saturday's landslide that's killed at least seventy four people many locals had been sheltering from title mangled when the landslide happened jamila linda again reports it's gone in bengal it's province. i think it's a steep dangerous descent down to revealing will rescuers continue their green search. this is a to go in in big province where super typhoon man could cause the major landslide which destroyed the community i hear bodies continue to pile up as the rescue effort turns into a recovery operation i think. this is the
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bunk house where more than thirty miners sought shelter here they thought they were safe. i but they were engulfed by the rolling mud and boulders and were buried forty feet deep. we've been working double time to ensure that the process is faster but this is a system that we've had in place even before with blasters coming in now to help i to see this of course is to understand the enormity of this operation the stench of human flesh is present and we feel that we are standing on precarious grounds behind me are rescuers who have been working nonstop while others are family members or come here to look for their missing loved ones their man really digging through the rubble it doesn't matter how long it takes piece by piece rock by rock
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. pogo who clapp is seventy years old somewhere buried in the rubble is his nephew he says the agony of waiting is unbearable so he is helping out clearing to bring the when you see me if we can't find my nephew alive at least i hope we can bring him home and bury him so that we can see him for the last time. another body pulled out from the rubble it is already in the vent state of decomposition. the local government admits it cannot account for all the tents here with all. the men who lost their lives will be part of an ever growing statistic in the philippines because tragic as it may seem disasters like this one have become a familiar story in the country of growing poverty. an al-jazeera.
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province northern philippines israeli forces have killed two palestinians who were protesting near the beit hanoun crossing in gaza the demonstrators have been gathering along the gaza barrier fence with israel for months now denouncing these really siege and occupation more than one hundred seventy palestinians have been killed since the wave of protests began in march. egypt's security forces continue to carry out systematic force disappearances against rights activists and other citizens that's according to a united nations working group the committee says it was dismayed by one particular incident last year when egyptian lawyer ibrahim it while he was arrested while he was on his way to meet the u.n. commission in switzerland is calling on egypt to hold any pending executions handed out on the basis of evidence obtained during torture or ill treatment during a period of enforces appearance more than one thousand five hundred people have been taken by egyptian security services over the last year that tally is from
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another geneva based rights organization which is activists doctors lawyers and engineers often targeted hussein bomi is a researcher on egypt at amnesty international he says in forces appearances will continue to be widespread until the u.s. and e.u. speak up. interests appearances are remain quite widespread in egypt it remains to be a tool used by. security forces against one and spread its. means you continue to use it against people whether to extract confessions or simply. as a way you harassing people even if you see don't use it except confessions under torture that's for the international community closing it speak up what's happening in egypt they need to make it clears you're not going to they're know by it i wanted zinni to make it clear to arm syrians and quot and quot relation is no more important than the human rights egyptians and seen into. sin not not on these who
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report through actions so when for example say u.s. . decides to be nice aids at least for human rights consideration this is indeed a message from sources that he can do with a pretty warm. zimbabwe's opposition politicians walked out of parliament on tuesday during president was first state of the nation address since the disputed election they say his government was not legitimately elected and accuse it of wasting public money. reports somehow. just minutes into president innocent and other state of the nation address opposition m.p.'s walked out in protest the same win an. election and blamed his administration for many of the country's problems including a cholera outbreak is doing. things in our country is.
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basic service and would be the only two days sitting in that crowd i mean more worried about bringing was in an inevitable when people are dying out so we are seeing his government is illegitimate the opposition accuses the government of spending taxpayers' money on luxuries and government perks and the m.p.'s call the president a thief as he drives past the government says it needs more than fifteen million dollars to repair water and sanitation infrastructure in harare money it says it doesn't have the sums him up in still the money is there is just not being where attach for example the sale of buying new cars for parliamentarians the money should be used to fight cholera. the government has declared the cholera outbreak in the capital harare an emergency it's banned all public gatherings and ordered food vendors off the streets to try and stop the disease from spreading. it's not the only challenge the new president is facing he has to try to aim foreign currency shortages create jobs and introduce investor friendly policies may give
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him a little accelerate ongoing efforts towards mr billow simply macroeconomic environment creation of fiscal space couldn't see the french and the mainstream forget us of ability improving liquid to do increase in the country's interest me. i took to this he was juicing the budget deficit and is surely in gradual growth over. before it couldn't but many zimbabweans are growing impatient they say big new president has made many promises but they say being one to agent action. still ahead on this news hour record levels are flooding in nigeria with people barely escaping the rising waters in some places plus trouble in paradise the maltese government accused of corruption in the east of islands and al-jazeera investigation and in sport real madrid are going for a fourth champions league title narrowly it will be here with the latest from their
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cap. hello again we're here cross the northeastern part united states we are watching the remnants of florence making its way towards really back out to the water but here down to the southeast we're dealing with the residual problem of flooding all that water going down rivers and streams back down towards the atlantic so that is going to be an issue going to be dealing with for the next week or so in this area we're also dealing with some very heavy rain here across the central plains in the midwest and that is only going to be getting worse as we go from wednesday to thursday so probably airport delays here in chicago or minneapolis as well over the next few days also very heavy rain down towards the southwest that's all dealing with a tropical system just off the coast in the pacific that is making its way slowly up towards the north where here across the caribbean we had been watching area of
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low pressure really the rains of isaac and that's you can see over here towards jamaica that is going to be pushing up here towards cuba when it can be seeing some heavy rain as well but that is going to be getting better as we go towards thursday but down here towards managua we're going to see some heavy rain in your forecast over the next few days as well then very quickly a park across parts of south america things are getting better down towards but as odd as it has been quite rainy there since you're going to keep in the rain rio you're going to be seeing some warmer temperatures there with a front just to your south with a temperature of thirty degrees. my name to. a place where this is can truly call it their home i have to friend groups springing up the ones you mean to ones you know you all ends up with money manageress resilience and is just so for a surprising planet here yes there is yes to everything old.
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my nigerian. on algis there. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news.
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welcome back you're watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories russia's president vladimir putin says a tragic chain a circumstance is led to the downing of a russian military plane by syrian air defenses it was in an effort to calm tensions up to russia's defense ministry accuse israel of causing the incident the israeli prime minister has blamed it on syrian fi and offered to help investigate. north korean leader kim jong il and says he wants to produce a big outcome during three days of talks with south korean president in it's the first time a south korean leader has traveled to pyongyang in more than a decade and china is imposing levies on another sixty billion dollars of american made items the move comes after u.s. president donald trump announced increased tires on two hundred billion dollars of chinese products trump says he's open to talking to beijing but won't let it take advantage of the u.s. . we're doing a very good job with china and china has been taking advantage of the united states
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for a long time and that's not happening anymore we can't let that happen and i have a great relationship with president xi he's a friend of mine but we can't you know i've been telling him we can't let it happen so we may make a deal at some point but right now we just impose two hundred billion dollars at twenty five percent and if there's a retaliation against our farmers and our industrial workers our ranchers if any of that goes on we're going to kick in another two hundred fifty seven billion dollars or less bring in john fredericks now his each campaign chairman in virginia and also on the advisory board on the trump twenty twenty campaign he's live from washington thank you very much for joining us present trump says he still wants to negotiate with the chinese but is this is small a strategy to bring china to the negotiating table that said negotiations can't be done with this kind of tactic why does the president think this is the right move.
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well because the president trump is determined to end the chinese exploitation of the american worker you know we have been taken advantage of for thirty years with these trade deals and this is the greatest scam put on the american worker hosted on them by the wall street elites in new york city and both political parties have conspired basically to try to tell the american people that free trade is good for you and they've sold out american jobs the american worker or intellectual property and they've looked the other way while they pad their pockets president truck campaigned on ending this nonsense and he's determined to do it and i think that president. thought that this was just campaign rhetoric that president trump was not going to follow through on but trump has been
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saying this for three decades and he's following through on it it's not about rhetoric it's about results right and this is a trade dynamic that the that president trump can't lose he's in a win win situation. he said he didn't mean real thing to ration but so far the chinese are not very tight eating on the contrary they have also slapped tariffs on the u.s. how far is president john willing to push the envelope to drive the high on finding . another two hundred seventy five billion dollars is going to be. imposed on the chinese over the next several months that's number one the president is willing to put tariffs on up to fifty percent of all chinese imports coming into the united states and the bottom line is we have a three hundred and seventy five annual billion dollar trade deficit with the chinese what that means is they get three hundred seventy five billion dollars of u
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s cash agilely above what we get from china so the chinese need this money for their economy secondly secondly the chinese making the subsidizing goods and dumping them in the united states they're dependent on the wealth and the buying power of the u.s. consumer the united states doesn't need the chinese consumer so this is a battle that the chinese can't win and as long as the president keeps reacting it look their stock market has gone down thirty two percent in china over the last ninety days this is only the start of it they're going to blink this is your battle you say. you see the need on sts doesn't need the chinese consumer but isn't there a risk that a trade war could spark a deeper dispute between the u.s. and china isn't you know and they considering. well the deeper it
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goes the deeper china is in trouble and they're going to have to change their policies and what this president is not interested is some kind of a short term deal where the chinese say we're going to buy so many more tons of soybeans or something else and sweep it under the table president trump is the great disruptor right and he is trying to achieve wall term change in the way the chinese behave in trading with us and still you know it's a tragedy being a short term a long term game let me ask you something that the president tweeted earlier today only tuesday he accused china of trying to interfere in u.s. elections by attacking american family farmers who are loyal to him why would he say this what was this an attempt to rally public support for his plan it's the beacon of truth i mean what the chinese have attempted to do is look at certain industries in swing congressional districts that are dependent on
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chinese buying their product the china buying their product so they're targeting those farmers and other things in order to swing the election to the democrats and ride out the clock so president trump call them on it and i think that it's going to backfire on the chinese because nobody wants to be put in a position where another country is leveraging them economically to interfere in the outcome of the united states ill be interesting to see what the next move on each side is thank you very much for speaking to us john fredericks trump twenty twenty campaign. on the trump twenty twenty campaign advisory board thank you for your time. as die jerry and floodwaters are forecast to reach record levels worsening a national disaster that's already left at least one hundred people dead the government has declared a state of emergency in four states but at least twelve states are affected mariana
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hunt has more the flood waters rose so quickly omaha ne able to him barely had time to get her baby and two of the children to safety i wanted to die you believe it was around four am when i came out water was everywhere i didn't have time to pack most of my stuff i had to save my children and myself it's not easy oh my honey sort refuge here in the just city koji state officials say at least fifteen thousand people are living in shelters like these water levels was so high many had to be risk you know solar descriptives we have to prevent people from treece treetops. so well received this s.o.s. . central could be status with nigeria's two major rivers the niger and been you meet to rancho rain since the early part of september caused them to burst their banks and triggered a flash floods to live in other states have been affected the highest death toll
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has been in niger state for at least forty people were killed through areas particularly those along waterways of the most vulnerable but worse may yet be to come nigeria's weather agency says rising water levels of forecast to exceed those recorded in two thousand and twelve when flooding killed more than three hundred sixty people and displaced at least two million huge swathes of farmland were destroyed nigerian authorities are also now preparing for the water level in the niger river to swell again if water is released from the leg dam and neighboring cameroon people in nigeria are accustomed to some flooding this is the tail end of the rainy season but little has prepared them for this many say a lack of planning and neglected infrastructure has exacerbated the crisis. zero to zero. five days before voters in the modis go to the polls
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a major new piece of investigative journalism is raising questions about the sitting president the organized crime and corruption reporting project story builds on details revealed in a two thousand and sixteen al-jazeera documentary it's based on government documents banking records and the contents of three i phones owned by a now imprisoned former tourism minister. he least tens of islands to various property developers siphoning away at least seventy nine million dollars in the process the new evidence implicates president abdoulaye i mean in the scheme something he has always denied leaks messages from his deputies phones show the president intervene declare at least twenty four of the deals many of the islands are now home to major projects led by international hotel chains is leading to questions about who's benefited from the leasing of the island and the development of the hotels what will jordan made the twenty six thousand documentary for their. do you need to understand that over forty thirty five years in the maldives they
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only built about one hundred resorts and within the space of just a few years they approved almost the same number again and this data on this research by the o c c o p now offers us a breakdown of which islands were least for what prices what money went missing and who is now building which resort on those and that will raise some very difficult questions not least for the president who appears to have into being to make sure these were approved and what would run through the paths through which money could be embezzled rather than the official part of an open tender where various companies would bid to develop resorts instead this was all done one on one in a joint venture with the government which was a new poll allow them to divert the main process and you can watch the documentary stealing paradise by al jazeera as investigative unit on our website just go on to
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c.n.n. dot com and click on the investigations tap. argentina's former president cristina fernandez acacia has appeared in court to face more questions over money laundering on monday a judge asked that her parliamentary immunity be lifted so she can be a respite in another case a lot america at its embassy in yemen reports from buenos us the it's not the first time that argentina's former president has been summoned to court but this time the corruption charges against her are the most serious inside the courtroom and stina finance is the kishner who is accused of leading a criminal network of high ranking officials that it allegedly awarded inflated public works contracts to prominent businessmen in exchange for a multi-million dollar kickbacks the former president who is now a senator responded in writing and published it on social networks she wrote summing up they can keep following my movements my family's listening secretly to my phone calls or digging through all of patagonia or wherever they like they will
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never find anything to incriminate me because i never appropriated money illicitly . the judge requested that she be imprisoned awaiting trial along with scores of other prominent businessman and former government officials the senate would have to vote to lift her immunity from prosecution but that doesn't mean that fernandez the kitchener will see the inside of a prison any time soon behind me is the senate and it is preparing its party that holds the majority leader of the party has made it very clear that it will not even consider lifting for nine this the kitchen is immunity unless there is a firm sentence. but the judge believes that the evidence obtained in grades on three of the senator's luxury homes plus testimonies from business women photos wiretaps and videos provide ample proof. for this could be likened to brazil's collar scandal you have public works politicians and big business this
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tells me it could have a strong political impact sunday finance the kitchen or released a video in which she says the raids are meant to humiliate and persecute her and she said her home was damaged and robbed by federal police she repeated claims that the judge is an enemy and a pawn of the current government and i don't know about it but with or without immunity from prison the chances of argentina's former strong woman being convicted are strong to the detriment of her plans to run for the presidency again next year you see in human al-jazeera when a site is. a court in south africa has given the green light for adults to grow and use cannabis. from marijuana activists chair from the public gallery out of court upheld or no court's ruling it had found the criminalization of cannabis was unconstitutional the ruling only allows a private consumption parliament is now expected to amend laws that criminalize
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cannabis meanwhile coca-cola is considering tapping into the. versioning cannabis industry the beverage giant says it's closely watching the use of c.b.d. in the growing wellness market c.b.d. is non psychoactive and is used to help treat different ailments and pain there are reports that coca-cola is in talks with a cannabis company in canada where the drug's been legalized michael gaba as is the founder and c.e.o. of vision advisory a corporate advisory firm that works in the cannabis industry he says coca-cola centrists is part of a growing trend i would really look at early room or. another dollar what i want to see. you know a time of medical research minute.


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